Methods of Penis Enlargement

Men are anxious to know whether they have the right penis size to make their sex partners happy and satisfied. On the other hand, women’s preferences for the right penis size differ, and it is advisable to be open with your partner and ask them whether they are okay with your penis size.

You do not have to be discouraged if your partner says it’s not big enough because you can take top penis enlargement pills to increase your penis size. That means, you can improve the size of your penis without risking your health when you take some special drugs.

So, what are some of the methods a man may use for enlarging his penis?

Penile Extenders

A study done to evaluate this procedure shows that men who participate in penile extender increased their penis size by more than 1.5 cm after participating for three months. The penile extender is a noninvasive method that uses traction to stretch the penis. Safety comes first when you think of enlarging your penis, and you can rely on this method.

Some of the shortcomings of using this method include discomfort, blood clots, and nerve damage when you stretch the message excessively. It is essential to take the procedure according to the guidelines to avoid the adverse effects that can damage your penis.

Pills, Lotions, and Potions

penis enlargement pillsPills, potions, and lotions are another alternative method of enlarging your penis. However, it is vital to be cautious when buying the products because some have not been scientifically proven to give positive results.

The pills contain herbs, vitamins, minerals, and hormones that enlarge the penis. Buying them from a reputable supplier with the right prescription can increase the penis’ chances without risking your health. It is best to do your research before purchasing the products because they have not been tested and approved.


Jelqing is an exercise that is simple and effective in penis enlargement. It can improve the penis hardness naturally . It is also a recommendable method of enlarging the penis because it is noninvasive. You can do the procedure by holding the base of your penis with your thumb and pointed finger.

You can also use lotion or jelly to reduce the friction as you move your hand up the penis while maintaining the pressure up to the area below the tip. The pushing helps increase blood circulation towards the penis’ head, increasing the penis size. It is advisable to do the exercise moderately to avoid pain and irritation and in extreme cases causing erectile dysfunction .…

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Effective Ways to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a condition wherein a man loses his ability to achieve or maintain an erection. While a majority of men experiencing ED are in their 50s or older, that doesn’t mean that younger men are already safe. In short, anyone may become impotent. It could be a result of certain diseases or even psychological issues.

Yes, being impotent is something that men are not very proud of. This condition affects their life, especially when it comes to their relationships with their sexual partners. If you are in the same predicament, no worries.

Along with taking oral treatment, here are effective ways to overcome erectile dysfunction and bring back the excitement to your sex life:

Perform Moderate Exercises

According to studies, moderate exercises, even as simple as walking for half an hour every day, can help reduce the risk of impotence. It is quite useful, especially for men who are obese.

If your weight is higher than normal, engage in aerobic exercises, which are beneficial when it comes to improving blood circulation. As long as you do this regularly, the blood flow to your penis should be enhanced as well. It will then be easier for you to attain an erection.

Be Smart With Your Food Choices

The kinds of food that you eat will always reflect on your body. This is why it is important that you make smart choices, too, with what you eat daily. Spinach is known to be very helpful in increasing testosterone levels. If you are deficient in folic acid, your chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction are high. But the said leafy green can help with that since it is an excellent source of folate.

Other food items that you need to add to your diet include carrots, apples, avocados, chili peppers, tomatoes, and oatmeal. All of which can aid in increasing your T-levels as well as your sperm count.

fruits and vegetables

Shed the Extra Pounds

Experts say that men who are overweight are most likely to experience impotence. Needless to say, it is crucial that you maintain a healthy weight. We have already highlighted above the two things that you need to do. Eat right and exercise regularly.

Controlling your weight helps in avoiding the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases. These health conditions can result in ED. Also, keep in mind that excess fat can interfere with the production of male hormones. With this, you need to find ways to shed the extra pounds.…

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Three Tips for Men to Fight the Andropause Phase

Our body functions deteriorate as we age. If you are used to hearing about menopause in women, then you should not be surprised if we tell you that men will also reach the same phase of hormone production decrease. It is called as the andropause phase.

Why hormone matters? First, humans rely on hormones for cell growth. Healthy young people in their twenties are not bothered with their appearance because their bodies still produce growth hormones abundantly. Women have their skin tight, their smiles blossoming, and their charm vigorous and youthful. Men have their muscles big, their abs flat, and their postures straight. All those conditions are the results of the growth hormones.

Second, although aging is inevitable, we can still do some things to slow down the process to allow ourselves to live a quality life when we are old. We can minimize the damages of aging, and in this article, we are focusing on men.

Fighting the Aging as Early as Possible

You may have wasted your youth, and we all have the same story anyway. But if you want to live well when you get old, the primary key is to start living the right way as soon as possible. Cut your alcohol consumption, exercise regularly, eat nutritious meals, stop smoking, and have more healthy sex.

Once you hit the andropause, it will be too late to reverse the accumulated damages. However, if you now have reached your thirties, then you should break your unhealthy habits immediately. It may not be as beneficial as if you had done it earlier in your twenties, but in this case, it is better late than never.

Getting Benefits from Supplements

supplementsToday, science has brought many medical innovations for us, including supplements that can boost our body’s testosterone production. However, dealing with hormone is a delicate matter. Any small errors can lead to severe health damages. And here, we are not talking about steroid because we all know how harmful the substance can be to the user.

Here, we have come to a conclusion that Nugenix is the safest product on the market. It uses organically derived ingredient, Testofen, and mix it with essential nutrients like vitamin B-6, vitamin B-12, Zinc, Tribulus, and L-Citrulline Malate.

Fixing Your Diet

fresh ingredientsYour body survives on the meals you eat. You should ditch those junk food now, and you should change it with more home-cooked and fresh meals. Do not follow extreme diets unless you are an overweight person. For instance, the keto diet has gained popularity lately, while in fact, studies have shown that the low-carbs diet shortens the lifespan.

Diversity in ingredients, balance, and consistency are the three keys to a healthy diet. The third key is worth noting because only a few months of eating healthy foods will no longer contribute anything to your health once you stop. It should be a life-long habit to benefit to your old age.…

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