If you are thinking of improving your fitness, you should consider investing in a longboard. If you plan to buy a longboard, you also need to pay attention to accessories that might improve your riding experience, including the best trucks for your longboard. Riding a longboard is fun and can potentially help you shed some weight. Depending on your workouts’ intensity and weight, longboarding can help you burn some significant amount of calories. That said, here is a rundown of some health gains offered by a longboard.

Cardio Workout

Longboarding requires some intermittent pushing with your foot. This undoubtedly leaves your heart pumping harder, especially when you start doing it harder. Mellow pushing might not be very intense, but it might get your heart rate up to at least 140 beats per minute. If you need a nice cardio workout, make sure that you ride your longboard for a long distance every day.

Balance Workout

Staying on the longboard is a balancing act. The combination of pushing your foot and cruising on the longboards constitutes a good balancing workout. As you move around, you will undoubtedly improve your balance progressively.

Strength Workout

Longboarding improves your stamina in many ways. This workout engages your front quadriceps and the calf when pushing forward, the core when standing, and the glutes as you keep yourself stable while moving. Ideally, longboarding is an excellent lower-body and core workout. The beauty of longboarding, especially if you are freeriding, is that your muscles are allowed to rest between slides.

Joints Workout

Another standout benefit offered by longboarding is that they improve your joints. For instance, the pushing action forces the hip muscles to flex as your other leg hits the ground. As this happens, your ankles and knees are constantly engaged as you try to orient your foot to balance. Unlike impact workouts such as running, the impact on your joints is significantly reduced.long-boarding act

Longboarding is undoubtedly a great workout option. Adding into your workout regime means that you will be able to engage your heart, muscles, improve your balance, work on your overall body strength, and improve joint mobility. Like with most workouts, the benefits realized are determined by how much you do and how. As a tip, make sure that you start slows and then progressively improve your workouts.