Three Health Facts About Marijuana That You Need to Know

Marijuana used to the boogeyman in the medicine world. The magic plant was ruled illegal due to its poorly understood psychotropic effect. But these days, many countries have learned that marijuana holds many health benefits. Scientific studies have backed up the legalization of marijuana.

Here are the three most essential health facts that you need to know about marijuana if you have ever thought of trying to smoke it.

The THC and CBD

We have interfered with nature since forever. Scientists had studied cannabis and found out that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) are the two major chemical compounds contained in the plant. THC causes the psychotropic effects, while the CBD holds marijuana’s medical benefits.

THC itself is not entirely useless and can be taken as similar to other harmful drugs such as cocaine or meth. Compared to those two, a pot with high THC is still way safer. THC in the right amount can bring relaxation to the smoker’s mind and physique. The chemical is known to be an effective muscle relaxant. THC can also cause drowsiness, which can make it a proper treatment for people with sleep deprivation.

CBD was studied on lab Petri dishes and showed its cancer-killing property. If developed further, maybe the substance can be optimized to treat cancer patients. CBD is neuroprotective, which makes it useful in treating Alzheimer, epilepsy, and other brain-related health issues.

The natural (biologically unmodified) marijuana contains THC more than the CBD. If you want to consume marijuana solely for its recreational property, then get yourself some great pure and organic options rather than the GMO-ed ones. If you need it to treat a disease, then you should go to a pharmacy and find the one that is THC free.

Long-Term Use Is a Bad Idea

Marijuana users are popularly described as poor performers in academics. Although the behavior is a myth, long-term use of marijuana does have harmful effects. If a user starts to smoke during his/her teenage years, that habit can impair the brain development. Also, a long-term user is vulnerable to a declined verbal ability and poor memory.

Consuming marijuana by smoking it is also not a healthy option. The smoke still damages the lungs. As reported on, marijuana smokers are more likely to suffer from respiratory problems, such as inflammation and bronchitis. Marijuana also contains carcinogens like benzoprene, benzanthracene, phenols, vinyl chlorides, and nitrosamines. Therefore, occasional recreational use is still acceptable and tolerated by the body, but anything beyond that is drug abuse.

Marijuana Is Not a Panacea

When people claim that marijuana cures cancers, the statement is not quite the truth. As you have read in the first section of this article, the experiment of CBD’s cancer-killing property took place in a lab’s Petri dish. It is still a long road for science to claim it as a cure for cancer.

Besides, the long-term use turns out to be as harmful as smoking tobaccos. If you plan to consume marijuana anytime soon, it will be better if you avoid abusing it. Consulting with a doctor first can also be a good idea.…

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