CBD (Cannabidiol) is probably the hype of the 21st century. After the decriminalization of cannabis, scientists soon discovered that the plant compounds benefit not only humans but also other mammals. It can help with pain, anxiety, and depression, which are the conditions that may happen to pets too. 


How to Find the Right CBD Oil for Cats

cbd oilFirst, it is obvious that you’re going to find the CBD oil online. Even if you are going to get it from a local dispensary, you still need to check the reputation and reviews online. CBD for cats is not the same as the one used for humans. CBD that is intended for human consumption varies in its purity. Some are mixed with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and some others are even flavored. For your cats, you want pure CBD. 

Also, be careful with unpopular brands as they may get that status, not without reasons. You simply don’t want to risk it with cats as they can be sensitive to chemical contaminants. In fact, if you are unsure and afraid of hurting your cats, you should consult a vet for this. 

What’s the Right Dose for Cats

Remember that time when you changed your cat’s food, and they suddenly had digestive issues? Every cat owner experiences this. If anything you can learn is that it’s going to take time to have CBD as a part of your cat’s main diet. 

To start with, you can try dosing your cat based on their weight. For a 10lbs cat, 1 or 2mg of CBD is the acceptable dose to treat mild symptoms. But if it is to treat severe pain or seizures, you may start with 5mg. As always, you must not leave your cats alone after you administer the CBD. You have to monitor to observe if there are any adverse side effects. 

Learn the Potential Side Effects

Pure CBD at the right dose should not bear any harmful side effects to your cats. But again, contamination and allergies are always factors. Therefore, you should start with a small dose, as suggested above. And if your cat’s poop turns watery, or if they vomit, you’d better stop giving the CBD altogether and consult a vet. Your attention is the key to success in treating your cats with CBD.