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Dropping Knowledge: 5 Health Benefits of Pineapple

Chris White

Happy September, friends! Back-to-school is officially underway, and we’re psyched to promote our yummy and nutritious vice cream as a healthy snack for your littles!

One of the many ingredients we use in our plant-based vice cream is pineapple—and for good reason! Turns out, pineapple contains a ton of health benefits! In this blog post, we’re highlighting 5 of them.

Aaaaaand go:

Pineapple Improves Digestion

Pineapple naturally improves digestive health, because according to the Mayo Clinic, it contains high levels of bromelain, which is an enzyme that breaks down protein.

And protein (especially non-plant-based) can be difficult to digest!

Also, pineapple is loaded with fibre, which we all know is completely necessary for a healthy gut. It helps relieve constipation and symptoms of IBS.  

Pineapple is Anti-Inflammatory

In a 2012 study conducted by Biotechnology Research International, researchers concluded that the bromelain found in pineapple exhibited various anti-inflammatory activities.[1]

So instead of reaching for Advil next time you experience some swelling, maybe fresh pineapple will do the trick, instead! (Minus the adverse side-effects found in commercially prepared medications…)

Pineapple Increases Eye Health

Pineapple is a rich source of vitamin C, antioxidants, manganese, and potassium. This amazing combination of goodies helps fight against cell damage (mentioned further below!), and reduces the risk of macular degeneration, an eye disease that typically affects older people.[2]

Pineapple is also a great source of the orange-hued chemical compound beta carotene, which is essential for good eye health.[3] (Like carrots!)

Pineapple Boosts the Immune System

A 2014 study revealed that the vitamin C levels in pineapple are high enough to do some serious damage to intruding viruses. Because inflammation and disease are so closely related, the anti-inflammatory actions that pineapple is capable of greatly assists the body in immune support.[4]

Pineapple is Nature’s Aspirin

“There is some evidence that suggests that bromelain may help keep platelets in the blood from sticking together, which in turn may help prevent blood clots.”[5] In other words, snacking on fresh pineapple throughout the week prior to a long flight might be a great idea.

(Adversely, it may also promote bleeding in some people and should be avoided by those prone to prolonged bleeding—if you’re on medication that thins your blood, pineapple may not be the best choice for you.)[6]

One More…

And for an extra tidbit of good news? In that same 2012 study we cited earlier, pineapple also “possesses some anti-cancerous activities and promotes apoptotic cell death.”[7] In other words, pineapple can also help with cancer prevention![8]

At Nice Vice, pineapple can be found in many of our flavours, including Pina Colada. Come try! Now that you know what pineapple can do for you, and that we only use fresh, real, whole ingredients in our vice cream, you’ll have to stop by with your kiddos and sample.

Have a nice vice day!