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Hemp Helps! Here's Why:

Chris White

Friends, it’s fall in Vancouver! Can you believe it?! But just because the weather is cooler, does not mean we’re slowing down at Nice Vice—in fact, we have some exciting events, new flavours, and surprise additions to the menu to introduce to you this season!

One of them is hemp. (Yup.)

Hemp (or commercial hemp) comes from the cannabis sativa plant, but is a very distinct strain of the species and contains a lower concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and a higher concentration of cannadiol (CBD) than marijuana does, which decreases or eliminates its psychoactive effects. 

Hemp seeds (commonly referred to as hemp hearts) are proving to be highly nutritious, offering a number of healthy benefits to your diet. More and more, word is getting out and people are turning to the plant with a reputation for its health benefits.

For reasons near and dear to us, we thought we would highlight the nutritional values found in the plant once it gets refined into hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, or even hemp flour.


Because we use hemp in our vice cream! (But you knew that, right?) ;)

Hemp Seeds: A Great Source of Plant-Based Protein

If you eat an exclusively or primarily plant-based diet, you’ll want to add hemp seeds to your pantry, stat. Hemp seeds are a rare source of complete protein—a nutrient powerhouse when it comes to providing all nine essential amino acids (though it is a little low in the amino acid lysine). 

Our bodies don’t produce these essential amino acids naturally, therefore, we rely on a healthy diet in order to get our recommended intake and fend off nasty toxins. About 25% of the total calories in hemp seeds come from protein, which is relatively high. (To put this in perspective, quinoa is the only other plant-based source of complete protein.) By adding two to three tablespoons of hemp seeds to your next salad or smoothie, you will be getting a healthy 10 grams of high-quality protein in your serving! 

Hemp for the Heart

Studies are linking the arginine and gamma-linolenic acid in hemp seeds to reducing inflammation, which may decrease your risk in diseases such as heart disease. Other studies are also indicating that hemp helps in reducing blood pressure, reducing the chance of blood clot formation, and even improving the recovery of the heart after a heart attack!

Hemp for Happy Digestion

You can find a good source of both soluble and insoluble fibre in whole hemp seeds: approximately 1 gram per 3 tablespoons! Depending on how you’re serving it, you can easily help achieve your daily recommended dose of fibre each day (which for women is 25 grams, and men 38).

So next time you’re thinking about what to have for dessert, remember than your treats can be kind to your body—they don’t have to be bad and make you feel guilty after. Guilt-free indulgence in what Nice Vice is all about!

Come check us out at 1022 Mainland Street in Vancouver, and have a nice vice day.