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Fennel for Flawlessly Fabulous Health

Chris White

Last week, we debuted our new Fennel Licorice Vice Cream. Fennel is a stronger flavour, and we loved the idea of making vice cream with it, because of its purported health benefits. But we had no idea just how many health benefits there actually are to fennel and fennel seeds!

Here is what we discovered, and why YOU should treat yourself to a scoop of our new flavour, pronto:

Fennel Seed is Anti-Inflammatory

That’s right: fennel seed can help aid the body in ridding itself of inflammation. Since many doctors and naturopaths consider inflammation to be the number one cause of chronic disease[1], this reason to indulge in this particular food is a biggie.

Fennel Seed is a Digestive Aid

Not only can fennel decrease inflammation in the gut (see previous paragraph), it can also help with bad breath and heartburn. That’s pretty amazing! Aside from this, fennel seed also relieves stomachaches and constipation, and can even improve the symptoms of an irritable colon![2]

Fennel Seed is a Respiratory Helper

If you look at the ingredients in medicinal tea created for colds and coughs, you’ll usually find fennel seed in there. Fennel is incredible for relieving built-up mucous in the lungs, which can trigger coughs and more serious viruses like pneumonia.[3]

Fennel Rids Your Body of Retained Water

This is one major reason to introduce fennel to your diet: it helps your body to let go of retained water and the result will be a less-bloated, more defined appearance. When your body deems it safe to let go of water that its built up, a happy side effect is that you’ll also lose weight.[4]

Fennel Seed Aids the Reproductive System

In a 2011 study conducted by the Journal of Reproduction and Fertility, researchers concluded that “fennel extracts could reduce the severity of PMS.”[5] [6] It’s also well known to assist in breastfeeding and fertility.[7]


Because fennel seeds contain phytoestrogens, which mimic the natural hormone estrogen.[8] Basically, fennel seeds are great for women’s health.

Fennel Seed Can Help to Prevent Cancer

It’s true, and we have the research study references to back it up! As was written previously, fennel seed is amazing because it’s very anti-inflammatory, and inflammation is a breeding ground for various diseases like cancer.

In one recent study, researchers wrote that fennel seeds have “strong free radical-scavenging activity (100%).”[9] Because the herb contains phytoestrogens, it’s been strongly linked in the naturopathic community to both the prevention and treatment of both breast and prostate cancer.[10] [11]

So there you have it! Fennel and fennel seeds officially rock. Come by our dairy-free creamery and try some Fennel Licorice Vice Cream—you’ll love it, and you’ll love knowing that it’s insanely good for your body, too.

We’re at 1022 Mainland Street, Vancouver, and you can also find us on social to see what we’re up you. Happy summer, friends!