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The Amazing Health Benefits of Organic Sea Salt

Chris White

In the last decade or so, sea salt has become a household commodity, praised for its many health benefits. These salts “contain a higher trace mineral content than refined table salt.”[1] But do you know exactly what those health benefits are, and why this natural food is important to your well-being?

Here are 5 health benefits of sea salt:

Fight Inflammation

Have you even bathed in sea salt water to try and reduce soreness in your muscles?[2] It also works from the inside-out! Consuming a pinch of organic sea salt every day is known to reduce inflammation, but the secret is to only consume a pinch. Consuming larger amounts can have the opposite effect, and encourage your body to retain water.

Sea salt also contributes to a healthy immune system, and fights infection due to its antibacterial properties![3]

Love Your Organs

Again, bathing in a sea salt bath can work wonders for skin ailments, like acne and psoriasis.[4] But consuming a small amount can also help your digestive system to stay regulated![5]

Balance Your Electrolytes

If you live a healthy lifestyle that involves moving your body regularly and partaking in regular fitness classes or activities, then you probably already know that balanced electrolytes (like potassium and magnesium) are the key to staying properly hydrated[6] and cramp-free.[7]

Instead of purchasing expensive sport drinks that are full of sugar and artificial colours and flavours, try adding a pinch of organic sea salt to your filtered water—it’s way healthier and easier for your body to process.

Regulate Your Cardiovascular System

Small amounts of regularly consumed organic sea salt can aid in normalizing irregular heartbeats and maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.[8] It’s also shown to be beneficial in preventing the occurrence of certain cardiac disorders.

Reduce Acidity

Typically, the average healthy body sits at a neutral pH level of around 7.1. Anything under 7 is considered acidic, and anything over 7.3 is generally considered alkaline.

Although there is always a ton of hype about trying to make our bodies more alkaline, the secret is to be balanced (or neutral).[9] A healthy body will do everything in its power to always maintain a balance, but it’s hard when we don’t exercise properly or consume the right kinds of foods. When our bodies have to work really hard to achieve that perfect balance, that’s when we start to feel the negative effects of all that work.

Adding a pinch of sea salt to your food each day is a great way to help your body effortlessly stay at a balanced pH.[10] [11]

At Nice Vice, we like to use sea salt to change the flavour of our vice cream. We even encourage our customers to try adding a little to their treats for themselves! That’s why we collaborate with The Salt Dispensary—they create amazing, flavoured sea salts that complement the flavours of our vice cream. That way, our customers can incorporate the health benefits of sea salt into their already healthy vice cream.

It’s a win-win!

Visit us at 1022 Mainland Street and try it out for yourself, or watch for us in the media. Have a nice vice day!