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Is Dairy Healthy for Your Body?

Chris White

If your childhood was anything like most kids’ in North America, you may have been raised on the idea that milk was a health food. I mean, it was marketed as such on radio and television, and still is today.

Except today we know better.

We’re finding out all sorts of facts about how dairy actually affects your body, and what it takes to get dairy products from farm to fork. Turns out, it’s not healthy at all, and it takes a lot: a lot of money, resources, unnecessary suffering, and environmental devastation[1] go into the production of dairy products.

But back to your health.

Is dairy really healthy for your body? Nope. Dairy is good for a calf’s body, but not your very different human one.

Your body is uniquely amazing. It knows how to regulate itself in ways science still doesn’t fully understand. But when outside influences like dairy are constantly being introduced to our own delicate processes, your body suffers.

Here are a few reasons why dairy messes with your body:

Dairy Lowers with Your Body’s pH

Your body naturally wants to operate at a pH level of around 7.1-7.3. But because dairy is so acidic—yes, acidic—your body is constantly fighting to stay neutral. In a neutral pH zone, your body can rid itself of disease, but when your body becomes acidic, disease (like cancer) flourishes.[2]

Dairy contributes to excessive acidity in your body.[3]

Dairy is Bad for Your Bones; Not Good

Milk does a body good? Umm…no. In fact, it does the opposite—especially when it comes to your bones. Did you know that continents (like Asia and Africa) that consume the least amount of dairy also have the least amount of osteoporosis?[4]

True story.

Dairy actually leaches calcium from our bones; it doesn’t contribute any extra.[5] And vitamin D has been shown to be more important for bone health, anyway! Not calcium.[6]

Dairy Causes Ear, Nose and Throat Issues

Dairy consumption is directly related to increased incidents of asthma, and other ear, nose, and throat issues.[7] Children that are diagnosed with lactose intolerance are usually done so after experiencing chronic ear and throat infections, wheezing, asthma, and hearing issues.[8]

Dairy Aggravates Digestive Issues

If you suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) like another 80-100 million North Americans do[9], dairy could be your worst enemy. Dairy aggravates existing digestive issues, and contributes to the emergence of others. It’s also a huge contributor in excessive gas and bloating, since most of us can’t processes milk proteins. (Again, milk is for cows, not humans.)

Most shockingly, numerous recent studies have shown that there is definitely a positive correlation between dairy products and colon cancer.[10]

Dairy Contributes to Poor Skin Conditions

Dairy is a main contributor to chronic acne and generally poor skin conditions. If you suffer from an unideal complexion, try eliminating dairy products from your diet.[11]

Still not convinced? We challenge you to give up dairy for 30 days and see what the effects that decision has on your body. And then comment on this blog post and let us know your thoughts! Has eliminating dairy worked for you? Do you know someone who has given up dairy and reaped a few healthy rewards?

Let us know.

And get social with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We love hearing from our customers. Visit us at 1022 Mainland for a dairy-free vice cream cone, and see for yourself that eliminating dairy from your diet doesn’t mean you have to give anything up.

(Except for your acne, IBS, and chronic wheezing. That stuff can go.) Have a nice vice day!