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Vancouver’s first ever 0% dairy, plant-based micro creamery. Keep up to date with all the Nice Vice Creamery news and updates!

Help Fight Climate Change + Eat Some Vice Cream!

Chris White

What comes to mind when someone speaks passionately about global warming and climate change? Do you get excited about doing your part to help the environment, or do you wonder if it’s just another conspiracy theory? Perhaps you’re informed, but unwilling to take action due to just plain lack of interest.

Or maybe you’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start!

Many of us now accept that human activities are the leading contributor to global warming, yet our North American agricultural industries are still the largest source of potent heat-trapping gasses like methane.[1] Methane traps about 25 times more heat than carbon monoxide, and as a result of this, the agriculture industry has an incredibly negative impact on both current and future climate conditions.[2]

Food for Thought

The desire to fight negative climate change pushes many of us to expand our knowledge and awareness surrounding our current food supply. It’s convenient and easy to pick up fast food and shop to fill our pantries and refrigerators without giving the source of our food a second thought. However; every small purchase involving the agriculture industry is a direct contribution to greenhouse gasses being emitted.[3]

We need to become more aware of the food we are consuming, where it’s coming from, and the impact it has on our environment. Farming cattle for beef and dairy is incredibly destructive to our planet[4], and although it may seem daunting to try and completely cut these foods from your diet, it’s very possible and actually much healthier for everyone in every way—there are lots of alternative options that will do your body (and our planet!) good!

A Nice (Vice) Solution

A simple and sweet alternative to dairy-based ice cream is our vice cream. Nice Vice is Canada’s first non-dairy, plant-based, micro-creamery, and we use only organic, dairy, soy, allergen, GMO, and cholesterol free ingredients that are kind to your body and our environment.

And it’s not like you’re sacrificing anything—we have an abundance of flavours and tastes to choose from! Whether you’re in the mood for our Lime Basil Tangerine, 50 Shades of Earl Gray, Strawberry Fiends, or our famous Matcha Avocado, we have you covered!

Our creative vice cream scientists are always experimenting to bring you something unique and healthy for your body, while also being mindful and intentional about our desire to reduce our (and your!) carbon footprint.

We fight climate change because we love the planet. Nice Vice 0% Dairy Creamery strives to achieve packaging that is 100% sustainable, recyclable and compostable by using only plant-based containers. So next time you wonder what you can do to help preserve our planet, remember that switching from traditional dairy ice cream to non-dairy vice cream is a great start!

Come find us at 1022 Mainland Street in Yaletown, and enjoy a vice cream while knowing your decision is an ethically and environmentally responsible one! Also, remember to find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Have a Nice Vice day!