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Nice Vice + Kombucha = Awesome!

Chris White

Kombucha float, anyone? That's right; Nice Vice is now featuring kombucha floats!

But what the heck is kombucha?!

Known for its unique taste and crazy-awesome health benefits, kombucha is becoming more and more popular. The beverage goes through a fermentation process by converting carbohydrates to alcohol and carbon dioxide by using yeast and bacteria.[1]

Once prepared, kombucha is typically served as a chilled tea that has a unique taste, containing naturally-occurring sugars, fruit, and sometimes honey.

Guess what else? Kombucha is a total powerhouse for your mind, body, and soul. It contains b-vitamins, enzymes, and probiotics that offer immense short and long term benefits:

Body Detoxification

Kombucha is a great addition to any natural detox program.[2] We live in a world where fast food and sugary beverages are easily accessible. Although they may satisfy your thirst or hunger momentarily, they don’t provide your body with any internal gains.

The detoxification process happens because kombucha contains glucuronic acids that bind with a variety of different toxins that enter your body and liver. The expulsion of toxins reduce the burden on your pancreas and liver, resulting in more efficient bodily processes.[3]


Kombucha contains healthy bacteria that your body needs.[4] Often when we hear the word bacteria, we automatically think of something going bad or sour, so we actively avoid eating or drinking it.

But the probiotics in Kombucha are living bacteria and yeasts that keep our gut running smoothly—they’re completely essential to good gut health, and since your gut is mostly in charge of your immune system, you benefit from probiotics in a host of amazing ways.[5]

In fact, probiotics prevent and assist with digestive problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, and constipation. In short, kombucha helps sustain gut health and relief from abdominal related issues and enhances the breakdown of food in your digestive system.


We all want our bodies to have the ability to sustain proper internal balance and fight against infection, allergies, viruses, and toxins that are constantly trying to take us down! The properties in kombucha contain rich anti-oxidants, which aid in a stronger immune system and defense response.[6]

Since our mission at Nice Vice is to provide a sweet treat that is actually good for your body, it only makes sense that we offer kombucha to our loyal customers. We know you care about your body, and we want you to know that we care, too.

Here are some of our current kombucha/nice cream pairings:

·         Raspberry kombucha with vanilla vice cream

·         Mojito kombucha with strawberry vice cream

·         Ginger kombucha with strawberry vice cream

·         Mojito kombucha with mango vice cream

·         Ginger kombucha with mango vice cream

·         Raspberry kombucha with mango vice cream

Come visit us at 1022 Mainland Street, try a mouthwatering kombucha float, and then visit us on social to let us know what you think about them.

Have a Nice Vice day!