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Activate Your Health this Spring!

Chris White

Happy Wednesday, friends! While we all hope for warmth and sunshine, we have some cool news to share with you:

Our creative team is always exploring new, natural, and healing ingredients that we can include in our plant-based vice cream. We always want our customers to get their sweet fix along with really great health benefits!

So, we’ve started using…activated charcoal! This incredible ingredient has not only created better results for some of our flavours (why and how we use it is an inside trade secret!), but also comes with some pretty awesome health benefits for your whole body.

In fact, it’s been used for health and healing purposes for over 3000 years![1]

Although the word ‘charcoal’ probably evokes images of the fire burning, wood-striking charcoal that we see outside in the summer, it’s actually much more than that. Derived from coconut shells, wood, or peat, activated charcoal forms a number of small and large pores on the surface, which help trap, bind and take in things that are toxic and poisonous to your body.[2]

Activated charcoal has to go through a process of being exposed to gases at high temperatures before it reaches this point, and then once it does, it’s like a sponge for toxins—absorbing 100 times its weight![3]

The charcoal counteracts the release of organic toxins, chemicals, and poisons before they can cause harm to the body, trapping and flushing them out before they even hit the blood stream—think about how amazing that is!

Besides the general detox benefit (which is big), there are other immense benefits of activated charcoal that we want to share with you. Here are 3 reasons we love the idea of adding the ingredient to our vice cream:

Bloating and Gas

Just like our organic, gluten-free vice cream that ensures you are not left feeling uncomfortable, the activated charcoal works in the same way. It binds to gas-causing products in food that cause discomfort, and keeps them from making you feel yucky.[4]

Skin Care

We care about preventing your skin outbreaks! That is why we make our Nice Vice dairy-free and low in sugar! With activated charcoal, the benefits double. Whether the culprit is food, beverages, or the environment, the toxins associated with each get flushed out of your system before they have an opportunity to cause harm.[5]

Oral Health

Activated charcoal promotes oral health by changing the pH! If you have yellow teeth due to excessive coffee, red wine, or other staining foods, activated charcoal can help![6]

To learn more about how to use activated charcoal, visit The Wellness Mama.

Come find us in Yaletown and try the same delicious recipes with the extra health benefits of activated charcoal! Questions and/or comments? Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Have a Nice Vice day!