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Nice Vice 0% Dairy Creamery - blog

Vancouver’s first ever 0% dairy, plant-based micro creamery. Keep up to date with all the Nice Vice Creamery news and updates!

Sweet News for a Sweet Tooth

Chris White

Friends! It’s been a month, and we couldn’t be happier with the support and kindness from our friends, family, and most of all: our new Yaletown neighbourhood!

As always, we are busy making connections and participating in anything that can make the vice cream experience bigger and better for our customers!


We’re currently experimenting with many different flavours and ideas. Two new flavours include Salted Chocolate and Blueberry Ginger.

We’ve also created a fabulously green gluten-free cone, made from kale, spinach, and avocado (to name just a few ingredients)! It’s definitely a must-try.


We’ll be hosting Abbotsford’s Robert Bateman Senior Secondary next week. Grade 12 Entrepreneurship students will flood our gates (okay, door) to sample vice cream and ask their business questions. We’re very much looking forward to this event, and want to let them know we’re excited to see them soon!

We’ll also be taking part in a panel series called Marketing + Developing a Plant-Based Business, brain child of the The Vegan Project and hosted by The Juice Truck. This event will take place on March 24, and is RSVP-only! The announcement was just made yesterday, so you might still find yourself a ticket if you’re quick! Find more information on this event by searching #TheVeganProject on Twitter and Instagram.

Last, but certainly not least, we are currently asking customers to sign a petition in support of—wait for it—a parklet! (That’s a little storefront patio—go big or go home, right?!) So if you’re in the shop within the next week or so, be sure to show your support, and sign away!

Current Collaborations

The Capilano Tea House is very much a part of Nice Vice! Our shop has their sodas on-tap, and ready to go for vice cream float purposes. Yep—floats.

The Salt Dispensary has created some incredible salts to help enhance the flavours of our vice cream. There is a large selection to choose from, although if you’d rather abstain and chow down sans salt, we wouldn’t blame you one bit!

To reference the panel event above, we’ll be throwing our two cents in, alongside April Bellia (The Granola Girl), Zach Berman (The Juice Truck), Colin Medhurst (Feed Life), and Jennifer Browne (Fresh+Fit Vancouver).

So that’s that! We hope to see all of you in the scoop shop sooner than later, and in the meantime, have a nice vice day!