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Avoiding Animal Products? Come to Nice Vice!

Chris White

While many of us are making the choice to avoid animal products, it’s not always for the same reason. Whether it’s because of a food sensitivity or an ethical stance, veganism is rising in popularity, as more and more people are realizing the immense health, humane, and environmental benefits of such a decision.

So how tough is it to find plant-based food in Vancouver? It’s actually not! There are many restaurants and eateries that cater to the vegan next door, and this includes Nice Vice.

Now that we have our new fall pop-up collaboration with Tasty Plants, you can enjoy a hot, vegan lunch alongside your dairy-free vice cream. How awesome is that?! Tasty Plants is offering a variety of yummy vegan comfort foods, such as chili, burgers, wraps, salads, and soups.

Yaletown—you’re welcome.

But back to the three main reasons for cutting animal products...let’s talk about that:

For Increased Wellness

Studies show that people who adopt a plant-based diet reduce their risk of heart disease[1], stroke, diabetes[2], and some cancers.[3] It’s also known to help people reduce or eliminate their need for prescription medication[4], and it also helps people lose weight.[5]

Cutting animals products also assists in clearing up skin conditions[6], promoting better rest, and greatly helping with digestive issues.[7] For more information on the latter, we recommend reading Happy Healthy Gut by local Vancouver author, Jennifer Browne.

For the Love of Animals

There’s no question that the production of animal products is not a kind or clean one. “Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year”[8] to feed people that could otherwise completely sustain themselves on a plant-based diet.

This is unnecessary and cruel.

For a Healthier Environment

The agricultural industry is the single most destructive force on our environment—period. The amount of methane gas that’s released each day into the atmosphere is astounding, as is this water usage statistic:

“To produce one pound of beef is 1,799 gallons of water; one pound of pork takes 576 gallons of water. As a comparison, the water footprint of soybeans is 216 gallons; corn is 108 gallons.”[9]

Although we could go on and on (and on and on and on) about these issues, we won’t. But one thing is glaringly clear, and that’s the need for vegan food. No more excuses, right? If restaurants and eateries are providing more vegan options that ever before, then we need to seriously consider the fact that plant-based food is officially in solid demand—and there are great reasons for that.

The next time you’re in Yaletown, stop by for lunch. We are open Monday to Friday from 11-2pm for our new, hot menu, and we scoop our vice cream (flavours change daily!) every day from 2-10pm. We hope to see you soon!

Have a nice vice day.