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Nice Vice 0% Dairy Creamery - blog

Vancouver’s first ever 0% dairy, plant-based micro creamery. Keep up to date with all the Nice Vice Creamery news and updates!

The Story Behind Nice Vice 0% Dairy Creamery

Chris White

What’s in a Name?

We all have vices.

Whether we bite our nails, drink too much coffee, smoke cigarettes, or consume our fair share of alcohol, we’re all guilty of overdoing something that’s considered generally not good for us.

The Online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word ‘vice’ as follows: “bad or immoral behavior or habits, a moral flaw or weakness, or a minor bad habit.”

But what if you could replace your vice with one that isn’t bad for you? A ‘nice vice?’ Because that’s exactly what owner Chris White had in mind when running with the idea for Nice Vice 0% Creamery.

Chris knows all about having a vice or two. As an addict and rehabilitated former user and distributor of illicit drugs, he found himself faced with the decision to either give up his addictive vices or pay a steep price.

But when you give up a vice, it’s typically advised that you replace it with something less harmful, and that’s what Chris did—he started making plant-based vice cream presented in eco-friendly packaging. Not only that, but Nice Vice 0% Creamery is committed to employing members of the community who also suffer from the outcome of living with addictive vices.

So Nice Vice isn’t just a catchy name—it’s a tasty replacement for the traditional meaning of a vice, and a metaphor for both personal and environmental change, healthy rehabilitation, and assisting the community of Vancouver to make strides towards becoming better versions of themselves.

Vice Cream is also the name of a book pioneering the dairy-free dessert. (The revised work is now called Vegan Ice Cream.) Written by the ‘naughty vegan’, Jeff Rodgers, it’s the first well-known book on alternative-dairy frozen desserts, and it was given to Chris by his beautiful niece Shay when he decided to turn the dream into a reality.

The ‘v’ in ‘vice’ stands for vegan, and although we prefer the term ‘plant-based,’ the reality is that our vice cream is vegan—and it tastes fabulous.  

Location, Location, Location

Until now, Nice Vice has operated solely out of our pop-up shop in Richmond and the mobile Nice Vice van. But within the next couple of weeks, the 0% Dairy Creamery will open its doors for the first time in a brand new Yaletown location on Mainland Street.

With an abundance of flavours and the knowledge that this vice cream in not only healthy, it’s also environmentally friendly, organic, and dairy, soy, allergen, GMO, and cholesterol-free, it’s easy to see why people are loving not only the taste, but also the concept.

It’s also guilt-free, as our eco-footprint is much smaller when we eat vice cream, compared to the ecological and ethical damage caused by the means of bring dairy products to market. It’s all about enjoying a well-deserved and delicious treat, while knowing that your choice contributes to environmental sustainability.

So with all of this mind, be one of the first to stop by our soft opening and experience what a Nice Vice tastes like.

We all have vices. Make yours Nice Vice!